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Friday, June 17, 2011

Introducing the First Muslim Dawah TV Channel on Satellite in North America!

Introducing the First Muslim Dawah TV Channel on Satellite in North America!

Guide US TV serves to present the authentic message of Islam 24/7 on satellite in the simple English language for FREE –
No TV ads - No subscription - No membership!

Programing include shows on Dawah, Muslim issues, kid's shows, Live-call in shows, cartoons, Quran programs, learning Arabic, sister's shows, stories of the prophets, and many more - all for free! This is in addition to over 2000 websites we own where many people are coming into Islam.

To watch this channel live and see sample programs, visit GuideUS.TV 

We’re also creating local teams from major cities around the world to share resources and network on a Muslim platform. Currently, we’ve expanded networks, studios, and have volunteers all around the world including Boston, New York, New Jersey, Alexandria, Orlando, Milwaukee, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and are programming internationally to Hong Kong, Doha, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, India, and much more!

If you’re tired of the media bashing Islam, and want to do something about it, join us and contribute your support through dua, skills, talents, and donations.

Be part of this global effort to let people know about the True Message of Islam.

Sign-up at and become part one of the world’s leading and most important dawah efforts!

Wa Jazakumallah Khairan.

GuideUs TV

Guide Us TV on


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