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Friday, May 27, 2011

Islamic Center of Tennessee

Assalamualeikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

Alhamdulillah. Friday, May 20th, marked the official opening of The Islamic Center of Tennessee, a non-profit organization. Although, the official opening was one week delayed, but the outcome was great. The first Khutbah was delivered by Shekih Abdulrahman. Shekih Abdulrahman is a Muslim American who graduated from the Islamic University of Madina, he will also be graduating from Vanderbilt University with a Master in Religious studies. Soon after the Khutbah, refreshments were provided for the attendees.

The new Islamic Center of Tennessee was established to educate the Muslims and the non-Muslim about Islam. Their mission is to “provide resources for high quality Islamic education and creating an intellectually enriching environment founded on the principles of Islam as a complete way of life. In an age of many life challenges, ICT is committed to helping Muslims live a rich Islamic life and instill these values in the future generation of Muslims.”

The building for the new center was an old theater purchased on August 2010. Renovations were made for the Masjid space, coffee shop, bookstore, meeting space, events, and rental space is also available. The Masjid space holds approximately 1,100 people. There is also an operational movie theatre that holds up to 350 people. This space could be used for lectures and conferences. The center’s parking can accommodate up 800 cars.

For more information about the center please click here to visit their website and like their page on Facebook.

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